Shmuel Elbaz - Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Completed his studies for a Senior Authorized Teaching Diploma and a Certificate of Qualification for Conservatory Management from the Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheva and the Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv

Graduate of studies for a Masters Degree in Conducting at the Academy of Music in Amsterdam, under the tutelage of Peter Eötvös, David Forslein and Roland Kift.

A graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music, the Faculty of the Performing Arts in Mandolin, and the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Music Education, as a student of Prof. Mendi Rodan, Dr. Motti Schmidt and Prof. Menachem Zur.

Graduate of the Municipal Conservatory in Beer Sheva
Institutes of Higher Education
2007 - present    Doctoral Candidate at Bar Ilan University
1999 - 2001    Levinsky College of Education
Certificate of Senior Qualified Teacher
Certificate of Conservatory Director
1994 - 1996    The Academy of Music in Amsterdam - the Sweelinck Conservatorium
M. Mus in Orchestra Conducting
1989 - 1993    The Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem
B. Mus in the Faculty of the Performing Arts.
B. Mus in the Faculty of Conducting and Composing
1987 - 1988    Kaye Academic College of Education, Beer Sheva
Pedagogical Studies and Teaching Practice


In the Role of Conductor

2003 - present    Serving in the function of Principal Conductor for the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra.
1996 - present     Guest Conductor with the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, the Beer Sheva Symphonette, Raanana Symphonette, Ashdod Symphonette and the Israeli Stage Orchestra - Holon.
1995 - 1996    Conducted the Harlem Philharmonic Orchestra in Holland, the Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra, and served as the Principal Conductor for the  Sweelinck Chamber Orchestra in Amsterdam.
In the Role of Musician / Soloist
Amongst the community of  Plectrum musicians Shmuel is considered to be one of the best mandolin players in the world. He was extraordinarily praised and received enthusiastic critique from two important magazines that deal with Plectrum instruments : ‘Zupfmusic Magazine’ in Germany, and ‘Mandolin Quarterly’ in New York - for his last recording, “Six Sonatas and Solo Violin Partitas” by Johann Sebastian Bach (a special arrangement for the mandolin). His recordings are played on radio stations in Israel and around the world.

He has appeared in concerts and recitals in Germany, England, Holland, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, the U. S. A. and Canada.

In Israel Elbaz has appeared as a soloist with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra of the Israel Broadcasting Authority, the Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion, the Beer Sheva Symphonette, the Israeli Chamber Orchestra of Tel Aviv, the Israeli Opera, the Israeli Stage Orchestra and the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra.
He has played under the baton of world renowned conductors : Zubin Mehta, Gary Bertini, Mstislav Rostropovich, Daniel Oren, Riccardo Sai and others.

Plays with various ensembles, such as : the 21st Century Ensemble, the Nova Music Ensemble, the Soloists of the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, amongst others.
He has appeared at a large number of festivals : Kfar Blum, Abu Ghosh, the Yechiam Festival, Sounds of the Desert, the Guitar Festival, the International Plectrum Festival, and others.
He has appeared in locations around the world as a musician in performances of the Cameri Theater, Tel Aviv, “Requiem”, directed by Hanoch Levin; and in the play “Ghetto”, directed by Omri Nitzan.
He participated as a musician playing music written for films, by musicians Prof. Oded Zehavi, Israel Breed and Yossi Ben Nun.

Musical Arrangement / Adaptation and Conducting
Shmuel Elbaz has written many arrangements for the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, the Beer Sheva Symphonette, the Israeli Stage Orchestra - Holon, and the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra. These have been used to produce special concerts, concerts for the education system and concerts for seasonal subscriptions.

Elbaz writes, arranges, guides and conducts during explanatory concerts for schools, with the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, the Beer Sheva Symphonette, the Raanana Symphonette, the Israeli Stage Orchestra - Holon, and various chamber ensembles.

He has adapted and participated in recording discs for many artistes, amongst whom Amir Banyon, Micha Shitrit, Achinoam Nini, Shuli Natan, Lior Elmalich, Harel Moyal, Talma Aligon and others.
Musical Direction
2004 - present    Director of the New School of Music in Netivot
2003 - present    Musical Director and Principal Conductor of the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra
2000 - present    Initiated and produced the International Plectrum Festival which takes place in Beer-Sheva and is held every year, with the participation of some of the best international plectrum musicians.
2000 - present    Founder and Musical Director of the Israeli Mandolin Quartet (at the request of the renowned Cellist and Conductor Mstislav Rostropovich). The Quartet has been very successful both in Israel and abroad.
Occupation with the field of Education and Teaching
Shmuel has for many years been involved in teaching the subject of Music Theory, Listening Development, Arrangement and Orchestration as well as courses to develop Musical Skills, Music and the Computer, and others.
2002 - 2005     Served as an outstanding lecturer in the University of Haifa Music Course. Amongst the courses he taught : Musical Skills, Advanced Music Theory, Listening Development, Orchestrating, the Theory of Instruments and Orchestral Arrangement.

He has acquired a lot of experience in teaching at the Beer Sheva Conservatorium, and in the Music track at the Rabin High School in Beer Sheva.

Has has mentored many students in writing their final projects for matriculation in Music.
2004 - present     Founder and Director of the New School of Music in Netivot
Prizes and Successes
2006    The Israel Prize - during the period that he served as the Musical Director and the Principal Conductor for the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra.

2003    Together with the Israeli Mandolin Quartet - which was under his direction - they won the first prize at the prestigious international competition for Plectrum Instruments that was held in La Rioja, Spain, in which string instrument ensembles from 22 countries participated.

1988 - 1966    Won the Alexander Bauer, Bella Bargholtz and Edna Sereni Scholarship Fund competition.

1993    Was awarded the Great Britain - Israel Cultural Scholarship Fund, and was invited to a performance tour in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

1991    He came first in a competition for Classical Sonata performance that was held at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem.

1990    Won first prize in a competition for performing Concertos, that was held at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem.

Publicity - Composition and Performance
2008    Together with pianist Vag Papian, he recorded a series of Mandolin and Piano Sonatas by Mozart.

1993 - 2002    Elbaz wrote dozens of arrangements for the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, the Beer Sheva Symphonette, and the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, for special performances and concerts given during the seasonal subscription period.

2002    During a world premiere performance he recorded “Six Sonatas and Solo Violin Partitas” for mandolin, by Johann Sebastian Bach.

2000    He recorded a disc with the Israeli Mandolin Quartet, for which he served as the Musical Director. The disc also contains arrangements that he wrote for the Quartet and, also, he performs as a soloist on this recording.

1994    He recorded an album with the Classical Guitarist Gregory Nisnevich in the “Brendon Stewart” studios.

1983 - 1987    He recorded two discs as a soloist with the Municipal Plectrum Orchestra of Beer Sheva.

1982    In Germany he recorded as a soloist with the German Plectrum Instruments Orchestra in the city of Hüls.

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